Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Chromatics Day 2

Here's another little finger twister for you. Not only will this get your fingers in a tangle but it'll mess with your mind a little bit too!

In this particular slice of Digital Hell you'll be playing an odd note grouping of 5 descending along a single string. The first finger must stay very low and reach back to anticipate the next position whilst the other fingers are playing.

This could be played two different ways rhymically:

As a pentuplet so you're playing the entire 5 note pattern in the space of one beat or alternatively over a 4/4 pulse. 

Played at any kind of speed this becomes confusing to the ear as the mind tries to resolve a constantly shifting 1. This is a useful device for creating rhythmic interest with relatively simple figures but requires greater rhythmic control to keep in time. 
 Many players use this technique in their improvisation. 

For ease of reading the example is notated in 5/16 but in the video I'm playing it over a 4 pulse. The tempo is 140bpm but as always build up to faster tempos slowly ensuring clarity at all times.

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